Experience (or XP) is one of the main elements of the game allowing a player to gain more experience, which is usually used to play strong countries, like China or United States

Experience Edit

Nations are divided into seven fictional tiers in this wiki (which means it's not approved in-game), and the higher is tier then more XP's needed. For example:

Also, if enough experience is accumulated, then the player could gain a position on the leaderboard in the lobby, which shows the top players who are currently playing the game.

However, the top players are sitting at 40+ million XP, so new players shouldn't hold their breath to get a place among the top-notch elite of Rise of Nations.

XP Multiplier Edit


Every country has an XP multiplier. Stronger nations have smaller multiplier, which makes countries like Russia, Brazil, and Germany weak choices for farming XP, whilst smaller nations, like Luxembourg, Monaco, and Bhutan have a noticeably larger multiplier which is equal to x2.5. With the multipliers, you can gain Experience by:

  • Conquering and annexing lands
  • Ending wars with a positive result
  • Just playing (but gives a small amount)

Experience and community Edit

This game has their own Discord server thus everyone can join it. New personalities with experience below 1 million were often insulted by well experienced players but the one rule were added recently which is prohibiting doing it. Despite this fact purples and greenies are insulted by pinks, but more rarely at all.

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