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Fortifications, also known as Forts, are special buildings that can be constructed on cities in order to resist their capture by the player's enemies.

Forts are capable of providing a strong defensive bonus to entrenched troops stationed on a city, and can make it difficult for invaders to defeat the garrison.

Forts will cost more or less depending on the size of the cities they are placed on. A small city will require less money to upkeep a fort whilst a large city will require more.

Usage Edit

Forts should be placed on cities with strategic value to the player (E.g. large cities or cities located in important areas that inhibit enemy advance).

The capital city should usually be the first city to fortify since it is the player's most important city. Other cities, such as ones that contain important factories, airports, or produce large amounts of vital income should also be prioritized.

If a city, regardless of size, will prevent or reduce the enemy advance, a fort should also be constructed and troops stationed there in order to do so.

Tips for Defenders Edit

Forts, when combined with terrain better for defense (E.g. Semi-Mountainous or Mountainous terrain), can provide an even greater defensive buff to the troops stationed there.

Mountainous terrain will also slow down the enemy advance, allowing the player to bombard them with artillery.

Tips for Invaders Edit

Forts aren't invincible, and cities with them can still be taken so long as the player knows how.

If the enemy lacks Anti-aircraft, the player can use bombers in order to destroy the forts and severely reduce defense, allowing for the player to waste less of their own forces in order to take the city.

If the enemy has anti-aircraft, artillery can be used in order to greatly reduce the enemy forces and make capturing it less costly.

The player can also ram the defense with a large amount of tanks, which will usually destroy any artillery or anti-aircraft and leave only the infantry, allowing for the player to bomb the fort.

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