Game Staff is a bunch of people and Discord moderators who are keeping order in-game and Discord server.

Game Staff is divided into several ranks:

  • Owner
  • Head of Staff
  • Regional Administrator
  • Community Manager
  • Administrator
  • Moderator
  • Junior moderator
  • Event Manager
  • Junior Event Manager
  • retired staff

The Owner Hyperant created Rise of Nations and is it's only developer, and discord server owner.

The Head of Staff is the person in charge of all game staff.

  • Minecraft4abdous

Regional Administrators manage lesser staff in their own respective "teams" (America, Europe, and Asia), and have all perms.

  • ("TheOneAndOnly") - America
  • ("Mr Doggy" / "Doggy Man") - Asia
  • ("AZR") - Europe

Community Manager is the same rank as Administrator. They share the same perms, but manage all the Event stuff that occurs in the Discord.

  • Time calamity

Administrators manage the game and server, some lesser staff, and can permban ingame.

  • Time calamity (plauge)
  • Tame froggy
  • kaiser

Moderators keep order in the chat and can warn, mute, kick, and ban in the discord server, and warn, mute, kick, and server ban ingame.

  • Focused
  • waffle
  • Amos
  • freasaloz
  • builder
  • loli god
  • Scale
  • spencer

Junior moderators are the lowest level of staff; they can warn, mute, and kick.

  • Tom
  • Zikon (razvydaguy)
  • draig
  • coral
  • delph
  • smuth
  • cog

Interns are a lower type of Junior moderator

Supervisors are Event managers but help hiring new Event managers and they help in event hub

  • Operation_Blackout
  • Smuth
  • ryan

Event Managers are technically staff, but if you see them do ANYTHING with commands in a public server, please contact an Moderator+.

team 1:

  • draig
  • Time
  • TGF
  • Ryan
  • Sanyesza

Team 2:

  • Operation_blackout
  • Castlekeepers

Team 3:

  • Smuth
  • fezi

Junior Event managers are Event managers, but have no ingame perms or RoN perms

  • cogman
  • Nixogen
  • CoralTheFrenchTurtle
  • Timmekkeeeee
  • BlitzAcademia
  • Cxballi

Retired Staff are retired staff members,

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