India is a VII-tier nation located In Southern Asia. With a population of 204,000,000, it's the third most populated country in the world, behind China and the United States.

Economy and Manpower Edit

India gains $17,366,740 from taxes every ten days and $748,003 from resources. The country's manpower limit of 4,086,761 million.


Borders Edit

India borders six countries: Pakistan to the Northwest; China, Nepal, and Bhutan to the North; Bangladesh and Burma to the Northeast. India is bounded by the Indian Ocean from the West, South, and East.

Terrain Edit

The terrain of India is mostly flat, with some exceptions. The South of the country has some hills, and the border with Burma is semi-mountainous. On India's Northern borders lie the Himalayas, the tallest mountains in the world. These mountains continue into Tibet, and offer India natural protection from China.

Cities Edit

India has 212 cities with a total population of 204,338,075 people. Most of the Indian cities have a bigger population than 1 million. India also has 3 cities with a population greater than 10 million people (Delhi, Mumbai, and Kolkata). India has 2 cities outside of the continent.

Resources Edit

India has an abundance of natural resources. India produces over 15 oil units, with gold reserves on South, and Iron mines around the whole nation. It also has diamonds, copper, aluminum and chromium.

Formables Edit

India can form one formable, but can be conquered to form a few formables, like:

North America
South America
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