Resources are Teri also and items which can be very useful to the expansion and development of your nation, as they allow better troops and buildings to be made, and can even be sold for profit.

Natural Resource Chart[edit | edit source]

This chart lists all the resources, which nations they can be found in, and what they are used for.

Resource Found in Used for
Aluminum Guinea, Kazakhstan, China, Russia, India, Brazil, Australia, Guyana, Ghana, Egypt, Cameroon, Jamaica, Mongolia, Sierra Leone, Suriname, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan, Greece, Venezuela, Ukraine, Hungary, Mali, Cambodia, Laos, and Malawi Producing Aircraft Parts
Chromium Zimbabwe, South Africa, Madagascar, Kazakhstan, Turkey, Swaziland, Pakistan, Philippines, Iran, Russia, India, Egypt, Democratic Republic of Congo, Afghanistan, Ghana, Finland, and Albania Producing Aircraft Parts
Copper Chile, Australia, Russia, Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, China, Japan, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Germany, Ukraine, Romania, Hungary, Serbia, Albania, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Algeria, Spain, Portugal, Morocco, Turkey, Greece, Uganda, Sudan, Eritrea, United States, Mexico, Panama, Colombia, Brazil, Peru, Namibia, Zimbabwe, Georgia, Armenia, Kazakhstan, Canada, Iran, Oman, Poland, Greenland, Bolivia, and Argentina. Producing Electronics
Gold Cote d'Ivoire, New Zealand, Bulgaria, Sweden, Australia, Chile, Nigeria, Mali, Portugal, France, Austria, Turkey, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Iran, Guinea, Ghana, Togo, Burkina Faso, Niger, Democratic Republic of Congo, Kenya, South Africa, Namibia, Saudi Arabia, Ethiopia, Egypt, Brazil, Chile, Peru, Guyana, Mexico, United States, Canada, New Zealand, Russia, Japan, Indonesia, India, Mongolia, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Slovakia, Ukraine, Finland, Italy, and Greenland. Producing Electronics
Iron Russia, United States, China, Algeria, Kazakhstan, South Africa, Egypt, India, Australia, Brazil, Nigeria, Angola, Liberia, Mauritania, Canada, France, Iran, Ukraine, Tunisia, Zimbabwe, Guinea, Zambia, North Korea, Mongolia, Laos, Mexico, United Kingdom, Peru, Kyrgyzstan, Spain, Morocco, Argentina, Pakistan, Chile, Vietnam, Saudi Arabia, Cote d'Ivoire, Germany, Afghanistan, Venezuela, Libya, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, Romania, Cameroon, Belarus, Cambodia, Sweden, Georgia, Niger, Slovakia, and Greenland Producing Steel
Oil Saudi Arabia, Algeria, Timor-Leste, Venezuela, Colombia, Brazil, Turkmenistan, Russia , Libya, India, United States of America, Mexico, Peru, Canada, China, Iran , Indonesia, Iraq, Germany, United Arab Emirates, Argentina, France, Australia, Italy, Syria, Pakistan, Oman, Turkey, Brunei, Tunisia, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Egypt, Poland, Kazakhstan, Andorra, Thailand, Tajikistan, Slovakia, Austria, Taiwan, Philippines, United Kingdom, Gabon, Chad, Afghanistan, Spain, Yemen, Romania, Burma, Bolivia, Trinidad and Tobago, Norway, Papua New Guinea, Azerbaijan, Angola, Japan, Bangladesh, Chile, Mozambique, Moldova, Jordan, Guyana, Ecuador, Netherlands, Gibraltar, Israel, Cuba, Morocco, Kuwait, Qatar, Gibraltar, Czech Republic, Malaysia, Nigeria, Albania, South Sudan, Georgia, Macedonia, Suriname, Bulgaria, New Zealand, Slovenia, Serbia, Somalia, Hungary, Switzerland, Cameroon, Madagascar, Sweden, Greece, Croatia, Latvia, Senegal, Kyrgyzstan, Sudan, Lithuania, Ethiopia, Denmark, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Vietnam, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Niger, Republic of Congo, Mongolia, Nepal, Laos, and Belgium Fueling Naval, Aircraft, and Tank Units
Phosphate Tunisia, Kazakhstan, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Morocco, Brazil, Senegal, Russia, Iraq, Mexico, Uzbekistan, Finland, Ukraine, Spain, Western Sahara, Tanzania, South Africa, Namibia, Algeria, Togo, Niger, Burkina Faso, Peru, Jordan, Iran, and Turkmenistan. Producing Fertilizer
Titanium Kazakhstan, Romania, Finland, Norway, Ukraine, Russia, Egypt, Sierra Leone, Madagascar, and Chile Producing Aircraft Parts & Steel
Tungsten Russia, Kazakhstan, China, Bolivia, South Africa, Uzbekistan, France, United Kingdom, Spain, Uganda, Sweden, Finland, Tajikistan, Mongolia, Austria, and Liechtenstein Producing Motor Parts

List of resources[edit | edit source]

Aluminum[edit | edit source]

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Required for producing Aircraft Parts.

Oil[edit | edit source]

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Required to fuel Naval, Aircraft, and Tank units.

Fertilizer[edit | edit source]

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Required in producing Consumer Goods.

Steel[edit | edit source]

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Required in producing Tanks, Capital Ships and Motor Parts.

Phosphate[edit | edit source]

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Required in producing Fertilizer.

Chromium[edit | edit source]

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Required in producing Aircraft Parts.

Aircraft Parts[edit | edit source]

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Required in producing Aircraft and Aircraft Carriers.

Consumer Goods[edit | edit source]

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Your population has a certain demand for these goods. Once the demand is met, you will get a hefty +25% stability boost. The larger the population, the more consumer goods you need and the more civilian factories you will need.

Iron[edit | edit source]

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Required in producing Steel.

Copper[edit | edit source]

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Required in producing Electronics.

Titanium[edit | edit source]

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Required in producing steel and aircraft parts.

Motor Parts[edit | edit source]

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Required in producing tanks and Consumer Goods.

Electronics[edit | edit source]

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Required in building Radar Stations and producing Consumer Goods.

Tungsten[edit | edit source]

Required in producing Motor Parts.

Gold[edit | edit source]

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Required in producing Electronics.

Uranium[edit | edit source]

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No current use at the moment, but is found mostly in Africa, Australia, South Korea, and a few other places. You can sell it to AI to make a small of income.

Diamond[edit | edit source]

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No current use at the moment, but is found mostly in Africa, as well as other places, like Australia. Like Uranium, you can sell it to AI nations to make some income.

Removed Resources[edit | edit source]

Removed Icon.png

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This article is talking about a feature, formable or mechanic that has been removed from the game.

Lithium[edit | edit source]

Lithium is a removed material during the update tests, It could be found in Africa, Australia, Portugal, Argentina, Chile, and Bolivia. It was used to produce Electronics.

Sulfur[edit | edit source]

Sulfur was a resource found in Africa, Poland, and other random areas. Sulfur was specifically used to create Fertilizer, but was removed because of its rarity making Fertilizer so difficult to produce.

Nickel[edit | edit source]

Nickel was a resource that existed for a very short time during the update tests, and had no known uses. It was removed shortly after the tests began.

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