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This page documents an official policy on this wiki. It is followed by all editors, and has been accepted by the community.
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How to create an article

Remember, this is a wiki so your articles should be readable, encyclopedic, neutral, serious. If you don't know how to create an article, let me introduce you to how to do this below.

Searching for existing articles

If you want to contribute, firstly you should make sure your article doesn't exist under a different name or the same name. You can do this by searching its name or similar names into the search bar.

Creating an article

We have a few templates for your new article. Remember to use them because you can put a lot of information on them.

Example: Creating a nation/formable article

Okay, you want to create an article about some nation or formable. Let's get started with searching if your article doesn't exist already. If it doesn't, just create a new article by clicking the paper icon on the top-right.

Put the nation infobox into your article. You don't have to fill out all the fields but you should fill as many as you can.

If you want to upload some images:

  • Flags - name them "<country name>.png"
  • Territories - name them "<country name>_territory.png"
  • Other things - name them "<thingy>.png"

If you fill your infobox, let's do write some basic information about the country.

Russia is a nation located in Asia, with a population [...] blah blah blah.

Next, you should put here some Info about economy, terrain, resources, manpower, and cities. Remember to bold important elements in the text, for example [...] Its population is almost 20.000.000. Please remember to put all the info into appropriate headings. For example, the income and manpower should be in the heading "Economy and Manpower"

Always remember to have some links in your article.

In the end, you have to put appropriate categories of the page. If the article is a nation, the 2 categoires you should place are the name of the continent it is in and the category called Nations. If it is a formable add an extra category called Formables.

Always remember to put the Navbox Nations template at the bottom.

By the way, a good idea is to copy paste the decision's description (only for formables) and put it into the beginning of the text, like:

It is time to go back to the glory days and reform China under the Qing Dynasty!

- Description of making Qing Dynasty

Good article

Your article can be ordered with a medal if your article is enough good and it can be only judged by Wiki Staff, but also you can discuss that case in the article's comments.

Look here: Good articles list

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