Nations are the main element of Rise of Nations. With nations, you are able to conquer other countries, dominate over regions, produce money, resources, and a military force, and play this game. Nations are divided into seven tiers, depending on their military and economic power. Tier VII nations are superpowers and are the only countries that require XP to play them.

Tier I Edit

Tier I represents the weakest nations in the game, the maximum start manpower is 60 thousand. Taxes and population are small. With these countries, you can be conquered quickly by stronger powers. You are still able to dominate over the world! You can play these countries for free, it means their XP requirement doesn't exists.

Name Region
American Samoa West Pacific Ocean
Andorra Iberian Peninsula
Antigua and Barbuda Caribbean Sea
Aruba Caribbean Sea
Belize Latin America
Bermuda West Atlantic Ocean
Bhutan Southeast Asia
Comoros West Indian Ocean
Cook Islands West Pacific Ocean
Dominica Caribbean Sea
Faroe Islands North Sea
French Guiana South America
French Polynesia West Pacific Ocean
Greenland Greenland
Grenada Caribbean Sea
Guam East Pacific Ocean
Isle of Man North Sea
Kiribati West Pacific Ocean
Liechtenstein West Europe
Luxembourg West Europe
Maldives North Indian Ocean
Marshall Islands West Pacific Ocean
Mayotte West Indian Ocean
Monaco West Europe
New Caledonia West Pacific Ocean
Palau West Pacific Ocean
Saint Kitts and Nevis Caribbean Sea
Saint Lucia Caribbean Sea
Saint Vincent and The Grenadines Caribbean Sea
Samoa West Pacific Ocean
San Marino Italian Peninsula
Sao Tome and Principe East Atlantic Ocean
Seychelles West Indian Ocean
Solomon Islands West Pacific Ocean
New Caledonia West Pacific Ocean
Tonga West Pacific Ocean
Turks And Caicos Islands Caribbean Sea
Vanuatu West Pacific Ocean

Tier II Edit

Tier II represents sort-of weak countries in the game. They are stronger than Tier I countries, and their taxes and economy are bigger.

Name Region
Albania Balkan Peninsula
Armenia Caucasia
Bahamas Caribbean Sea
Bahrain Arabian Peninsula
Barbados Caribbean Sea
Benin West Africa
Bosnia And Herzegovina Balkan Peninsula
Botswana South Africa
Brunei Borneo
Burundi Central Africa
Cabo Verde East Atlantic Ocean
Cambodia Indochina
Central African Republic Central Africa
Chad North Africa
Costa Rica Caribbean Sea
Croatia Balkan Peninsula
Curacao West Indian Ocean
Cyprus East Mediterranean Sea
Denmark Jutland
Djibouti East Africa
Equatorial Guinea West Africa
Eritrea East Africa
Estonia Baltic
Fiji West Pacific Ocean
Gabon West Africa
Gambia West Africa
Georgia Caucasia
Gibraltar Iberian Peninsula
Guadeloupe Caribbean Sea
Guinea-Bissau West Africa
Guyana South America
Honduras Latin America
Iceland North Sea
Ireland North Sea
Jamaica Caribbean Sea
Kuwait Arabian Peninsula
Kyrgyzstan Central Asia
Laos Indochina
Latvia Baltic
Lesotho South Africa
Liberia West Africa
Lithuania Baltic
Macau Southeast Asia
Macedonia Balkan Peninsula
Malawi South Africa
Malta Mediterranean Sea
Martinique West Indian Ocean
Mauritania West Africa
Mauritius West Indian Ocean
Moldova East Europe
Mongolia Central Asia
Montenegro Balkan Peninsula
Namibia South Africa
Nicaragua Latin America
Niger Central Africa
Norway Scandinavia
Oman Arabian Peninsula
Panama South Latin America
Papua New Guinea New Guinea
Qatar Arabian Peninsula
Reunion West Indian Ocean
Rwanda Central Africa
Serbia Balkan Peninsula
Sierra Leone West Africa
Slovakia Central Europe
Slovenia South Europe
South Sudan North Africa
Sri Lanka North Indian Ocean
Suriname South America
Swaziland South Africa
Timor-Leste Timor
Togo West Africa
Trinidad and Tobago Caribbean Sea
Turkmenistan Central Asia
Western Sahara West Africa

Tier III Edit

Tier III countries are not weak, but they're not regional powers yet. Their stability, economy, and military production are increased and have a decent amount of money.

Name Region
Afghanistan South Asia
Algeria North Africa
Angola South Africa
Austria Central Europe
Azerbaijan Caucasia
Belarus East Europe
Belgium Benelux
Bolivia Central South America
Bulgaria Balkan Peninsula
Burkina Faso West Africa
Burma Indochina
Cameroon West Africa
Cote d'Ivoire West Africa
Cuba Caribbean Sea
Czech Republic Central Europe
Dominican Republic Caribbean Sea
Ecuador South America
El Salvador Latin America
Ethiopia East Africa
Finland Fennoscandia
Ghana West Africa
Greece Balkan Peninsula
Guatemala Latin America
Guinea West Africa
Haiti Caribbean Sea
Hong Kong Southeast Asia
Hungary Central Europe
Israel Middle East
Jordan Middle East
Kazakhstan Central Asia
Kenya East Africa
Lebanon Middle East
Libya North Africa
Madagascar West Indian Ocean
Mali West Africa
Mozambique South Africa
Nepal South Asia
Netherlands Benelux
New Zealand West Pacific Ocean
North Korea Korean Peninsula
Paraguay South America
Portugal Iberian Peninsula
Romania Balkan Peninsula
Senegal West Africa
Singapore Indochina
Sweden North Europe
Somalia East Africa
Syria Middle East
Tajikistan Central Asia
Tanzania East Africa
Tunisia North Africa
Uganda Central Africa
United Arab Emirates Arabian Peninsula
Uruguay South America
Uzbekistan Central Asia
Yemen Arabian Peninsula
Zambia South Africa
Zimbabwe South Africa

Tier IV Edit

Tier IV countries are usually regional powers and have medium manpower and a decent economy.

Name Region
Australia Oceania
Bangladesh Indian Peninsula
Canada North America
Chile South America
Democratic Republic of the Congo Central Africa
France West Europe
Iraq Middle East
Italy Italian Peninsula
Malaysia Malay Archipelago
Morocco West Africa
Peru South America
Poland Central Europe
Saudi Arabia Arabian Peninsula
South Africa South Africa
Spain Iberian Peninsula
Sudan North Africa
Taiwan Southeast Asia
Thailand Indochina
Ukraine East Europe
Venezuela South America

Tier V Edit

Tier V countries are minor powers of the world. Their manpower and military power are strong and their economy is very good.

Name Region
Argentina South America
Colombia South America
Egypt Middle East
Germany Central Europe
Iran Middle East
France West Europe
Nigeria West Africa
Pakistan South Asia
Philippines Philippines Sea
South Korea Korean Peninsula
Turkey Anatolian Peninsula
United Kingdom British Isles
Vietnam Indochina

Tier VI Edit

Tier VI countries are superpowers in the world. Their population is big and their economy & military are one of the best.

Name Region
Brazil South America
Indonesia Southeast Asia
Japan East Asia
Mexico Latin America
Russia East Europe & North Asia

Tier VII Edit

Tier VII countries are the main super-powers in the world. Their population, manpower and economy are enormous. Each of these nations requires at least 100,000 XP to play as, with the most being China, requiring 250,000. There are only three superpowers:

Name Region
China East Asia
India Indian Peninsula
United States North America

Cities Edit

The blood of your country are your cities. They provide the money, resources and manpower. Loss of cities will cause War Exhaustion and lower stability that will greatly weaken a country.

North America
South America
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