The naval units are Edit

- Frigates

- Destroyers

- Battleships

- Aircraft Carriers

- Submarines

Information Edit

Naval units are usually very versatile. It is very effective against Aerial and ground units.

However they have their downsides...

Advantages of using a navy Edit

-Easy removal of potentially a lot of troops > There is absolutely nothing ground troops can do (Except artillery which can attack naval units, but some naval units have longer range than artillery.)

-Easy removal of aerial troops > Aerial troops deal very minimal amount damage to naval units.

-Great support across a long range, can demolish a whole army.

-Cheap for how versatile it is. (Low manpower cost, mediocre upkeep price)

Disadvantages of using a navy Edit

-Unable to get into certain terrain, have to use water to traverse. > May hinder its support for the ground units.

-Expensive to train

-Ineffective against landlocked nations who are far from a water body.

Naval Combat Cycle Edit

Submarines > Battleships > Destroyers > Submarines

Submarines > Aircraft carriers > Troops in a HUGE area

All naval troops are effective against boated infantry, submarines are the most effective for killing a single large division and aircraft carriers most effective against killing multiple tiny divisions.

A good navy will comprise of the three main units, Subs, battleships and destroyers to maintain naval superiority. Aircraft carrier will act as the damage dealer/support for the ground troops.

The combat cycle is basically like a Rock Scissors Paper game, but if you want to dominate every naval game, No one is stopping you from picking all Rock Scissors and Paper [ ;) ]to ensure the enemy do not destroy you.

Types of Navies Edit

Light navy [ For small attacks on small nations + Secure transport of units against subs] Edit

- A few frigates and destroyers

Moderate navy [ For large attacks against most nations ] Edit

- 4 Destroyers

- 2 Battleships

- Submarines (Depends if the enemy is strong enough to cross waters to attack your area)

Huge navy for fighting superpowers Edit

- 8 Destroyers ( Good players will line submarines that will sabotage water crossings. Tons of destroyers will escort troops safely. Beware, boats may travel at different speeds. Do not separate your destroyers and your other naval units/ground units. Destroyers are honestly one of the best supporting units in the game.)

- 4 Battleships ( Good players will utilize aircraft carriers and destroyers to destroy your army and support their units. Be sure to target all aircraft carriers and destroyers with battle ships and do not forget to bring destroyers along incase submarines emerge. Battleships are garbage against submarines)

- 2 Aircraft carriers ( The Jewel of your navy, place this in the most effective region and protect it with your Destroyers, Battle ships and Submarines.)

- 3 Submarines ( Keep pesky battleships away from your aircraft carriers. Do not allow submarines to get into direct combat with destroyers, besure to bring battle ships to handle the destroyers.)

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