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Rise of Nations
Rise of Nations is a real-time strategy Roblox game which has a large amount of players online at any given time. It is a game in which you start as any nation. Then, you can start conquering others and making alliances with other countries using your army. You can also form long-gone empires by unifying them. But this game is one about brains, as you will have to navigate a web of enemies, allies, and wars. You never know which ally might backstab you, or which enemy may become a trusted friend.


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Broadcast and updates

31st of July 2020
New update! This one adds a new mechanic called Military Leaders! This feature can increase your defense a lot of used correctly. And there are more updates too, along with military leaders.
-Better Earth Textures
-Adjusted new GUIs
-37 new formables
And more! Happy playing, and keep on coding, Hyperant! The players love your work!

6th of June 2020
Lots of changes are provided in this wiki. We customized theme, by updating favicon, logo and background. We will also recruiting new Content Moderator, but our requirements are to be active, have over 300 edits and to not have a ban logs, so new Moderators will be trusted ones and could be recruited as a new Staff.

We also need to talk about game updates! Updates are being made slowly, but finally the next one came out on 27th April 2020.
- The one of the most important things many people wanted is canal control, eg. Egypt can manage who can move through Suez Canal, and who cannot.
- The same with the completely new things, news ticker which shows breaking news around the world and a custom leaderboard. The last one is very useful, because you can much faster manage diplomatic and more.
- Added a new strategy called flanking
- and what is common - fixed bugs.

Good luck with coding Hyperant!

31st of March 2020
I have a request for all contributors. Please look in Stub category page to look out all short article needed to: add photos, add more information, such as economy, terrain, military and much more! Thank you all for you editing. See you!

14th of February 2020
The latest Rise of Nations update is in! It has added a new and pretty cool feature called Policies! This new feature allows you to manipulate your countries mechanics easily! It's a massive new feature, which was what everyone had been waiting for since the Technology update.
We also have new things called Taxation Laws, which allow you to control how much taxes you receive. There have also been a lot of minor fixes which have also been great benefits.These new additions have rejuvenated the game, and we can't wait to see how they end up! Happy gaming!

1st of February 2020
Congratulations everyone, we hit 200 pages on this day! It’s an incredible achievement, and we have way more information about Rise of Nations than when we first started out. I think that the most important contributor during these times was S9 Closing Logo WikiReturnss. Big thank you and shout out to you for racking up over a hundred edits and helping to grow our wiki and make it successful. Happy editing!

26th of January 2020
Hello everyone! Hyperant has announced an update which will implement a new feature called Policy! This new feature will add to the mechanics of the game, and make it more fun for everyone! We can’t wait for it to be released!

17th of January 2020
Happy editing everyone! I've seen this wiki is growing everyday despite my thought that it was dead. But it isn't, thank to you editing. Last active contributors? I think it's definitely RealKnockout so good luck him to edit more and to grow up this wiki.

Seventh of January 2020
We hit 2,000 edits on this day. Congratulations everyone! Happy editing!

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