Stability is a Rise of Nation game mechanic. Having Good Stability can make you more stable to control a nation.

Stability is affected by:

Base Stability is the starting stability in percent (50% by default) and it's preventing any bad action like declaring independence. You can increase stability percent by spending on government. Your stability goes down by declaring offensive wars or changing the ideologies.

Stability is extremely important. It can either make your Tax Income double as ineffective or double as effective, it can make your manpower increase either be quick or slow, it can ensure your nation stays united or annexed areas start to break off as independent states... Stability is very important, therefore players have to pay attention to their stability to ensure it do not go below 45%. Below 45% unrest may start increasing in conquered nations, and below 35% nations may also start declaring independence.

Ways to increase stability Edit

  • You can build Civilian Factories to produce consumer goods - meanwhile if the flow of consumer goods is positive your stability gets a huge 25% boost.
  • Forming a Formable (+10% Stability instantly)
  • Government spending (+5%,+10%,+15% Change in stability increase, respectively low, medium and high)
  • Not being in debt (Being in debt gives you a huge penalty in your change in stability increase)
  • Having less cities with unrest ( Penalty depends on the amount of population affected by unrest, cures overtime)
  • Implementing Taxation Laws which reduce the amount of taxes you receive.
  • You can implement certain policies to increase your stability.

Why your stability is Decreasing Edit

  • Having cities with unrest and cities that are unintegrated.
  • Declaring wars on other nations as a Democratic/Liberal country
  • Having High War Exhaustion by either losing territory or Infantry.
  • Being in debt.
  • Someone funding rebels in your nation.

Effects Edit

Having high stability can:

  • Prevent nations from declaring independence.
  • Prevent unrest from increasing.
  • Give you more money
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