Technology is undoubtedly a very important piece of the game. Technology is used to improve every aspect of your nation by spending Research Points. Research Points production also can be improved in Technology Tab. You can increase money spending on Research, allowing you to increase their production. Ever since Hyperant published the Technology Update, he remade the technology tree and added 8 new tech trees:

  • Economic
  • Political
  • Support
  • Research
  • Infantry
  • Tanks
  • Aerial
  • Naval

Technology Update Edit

The Technology Update was revolutionary for this element of the game. Hyperant has added 149 new technologies in 8 categories : Economic, Political, Support, Research, Infantry, Tanks, Aerial and Naval. Upgrading these aspects are time-consuming, but you can speed up this process by researching the Research tree and increasing research spending. Below we will list the technology trees and individual technologies.

Military Trees Edit

There are 5 technology trees related to Military known as Infantry, Tanks, Naval, Aerial and Support, but only two first are researched often, not like rest which are researched rarely. In fact, most of the technologies are increasing damage, defensive and mobility. The Aerial tree can also upgrade Endurance. The Support tree is increasing artillery and other vessels' ranges. The military tree can drastically improve your military if researched enough. Below we will list all technologies in the Military Tree.

Economic Trees Edit

There are two economic trees, Economic and Research, where their purpose is to increase income and make more money. Research tree has no branches, and it increases the process of gaining Research Points. The Economic tree has many economical aspects to increase Taxes, Research, and Factory outputs, etc. Economic improvements are very useful for both, the early game, and the endgame, with long-term investments in the economic sectors allows otherwise small, and fairly weak, can grow their economies to gargantuan, compared to how the nation starts. Below we will list all technologies in the Economic Tree.

Economic Improvements Edit

Establishes the Military Research Arm.

This technology is a prerequisite for all technologies in the Economic Tree. It has no effect besides being a theoretical prerequisite. It requires 100 research power.

Prerequisites: None.

Tax Collection 1 Edit

Establishes the Military Research Arm.

This technology increases your tax income by 10%. It requires 150 research power.

Prerequisites: Economic Improvements.

Tax Collection 2 Edit

This technology increases your tax income by 15%. It requires 250 research power.

Prerequisites: Tax Collection 1

Political Trees Edit

There's only one political tree where it's target is to make your nation more stable or to increase the process of integration and reduce unrest in your cities. Below we will list all technologies in the Political Tree.

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