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The United States is a VII-tier nation located in North America. Its vast territory, large population, weak neighbors, and many natural resources make the U.S. the strongest country at the beginning of the game.

Background Edit

America began in the 17th century as a colony of the United Kingdom. Over the years, the colonies grew in wealth and territory and became known as the Thirteen Colonies. In the 18th century, after excessive taxation and poor treatment by the government, the people of the Thirteenth Colonies rebelled and declared the United States an independent nation in 1776. With help from France and Spain, Britain was defeated and the U.S.A. became a sovereign country.

After adopting a constitution in 1787, the United States started becoming an industrial power with increased immigration and industrialization. By the middle of the 19th century, it was a wealthy and strong country. However, the U.S. had tensions between its Northern and Southern states, over the controversial issue of slavery. After the anti-slavery President Lincoln was elected in 1860, the southern states seceded and formed the Confederate States of America. Their actions started the American Civil War, which lasted from 1861 to 1865, and resulted in a Northern victory and the abolition of slavery.

After the Civil War, the power of the United States grew, and it became the strongest nation in North America. Its industrialization, large population, many resources, and democracy made the U.S. a major world power. When World War 1 began, the United States stayed neutral at first, but joined on the side of the Allies after German submarines sank British ships with American travelers.

After the Allies won the war, the U.S. entered an economic boom, the "Roaring 20s", but only years later had its economy collapse into a huge economic crisis, known as the Great Depression. After World War 2 began, the United States remained neutral until Japan bombed Pearl Harbor, an American naval base, prompting the Americans to enter the war on the side of the Allies. After liberating Europe, the US then invented nuclear bombs and dropped them on the cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, forcing Japan to surrender.

After World War 2, the Democratic USA and the Communist Soviet Union entered the Cold War era, where both superpowers tried to spread their influence throughout the world, and both nations almost went into nuclear war multiple times. The Cold War ended when the Soviet Union fell in 1991, leaving the United States as the uncontested superpower of the modern era. However, its supremacy is now challenged by quickly-developing nations like China and India, and its international influence is slowly decreasing.

Economy and manpower Edit

The United States of America gains 25.5 million dollars every ten days. 24 million comes from taxes, 1.5 million comes from resources. The USA's large population and democratic ideology make it the richest country on Earth. The US has a manpower cap of 5.645.548.

Geography Edit

Borders Edit

The United States borders two countries: Canada in the North and Mexico in the South. To its East lies the Atlantic Ocean, while to its West lies the Pacific Ocean. Many major American cities are located near the coasts, such as New York, Washington, Miami, Los Angeles, and San Francisco.

Terrain Edit

The United States is very geographically diverse. In the East, the Appalachian Mountains separate the original Thirteen Colonies from the American Midwest. To the west, the Rocky Mountains occupy almost the entire West Coast. Meanwhile, the East Coast and the Midwest of the United States are made up of flatland. Along the Eastern border with Canada lie the five Great Lakes.

Military Edit

The United States starts with a Home Guard of 1.440.000 soldiers. It has 180.000 soldiers based in each of the following eight cities: Washington, New York, Philadelphia, Chicago, Miami, Atlanta, Dallas, and Los Angeles.

Cities Edit

The United States has 903 cities. Its capital is Washington. Other major American cities are New York, Philadelphia, Boston, Chicago, Miami, Houston, Dallas, Atlanta, and Los Angeles. The US cities have an in-game population of 282,277,388 population, with New York being the most populous.

Resources Edit

The United States produces 15.25 oil. It also produces 15 units of copper, 7.2 units of gold, and 21 units of Iron. The United States typically relies on other countries or colonial resources to get the resources and manufactured goods they need.

Formables Edit

Releasables Edit

The United States only has two releasables, which are:

  1. Confederate States of America
  2. Texas
North America
South America
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